Student Media

The Rocky Mountain Student Media Corporation offers students practical experience producing media for the campus community. The student-run media include:

  • Rocky Mountain Collegian
  • Campus Television (CTV)
  • KCSU-FM radio
  • College Avenue magazine
  • Student Video Productions
  • Tree Stump Films

Located in the Lory Student Center, students gain experience using state-of-the-art equipment and facilities working alongside student media advisors.

Students working for these media have earned more than 500 regional and national awards since 1990. The organization provides students with outstanding professional experience that is valued highly by Colorado media managers who make hiring decisions.

Student Opportunities

KCSU recording station

Working for Student Media

Rocky Mountain Student Media’s purpose is to serve as a news source, to create a platform for discourse, and to provide skill development opportunities for student staff. By joining the team, students will have the opportunity to become:

  • reporters
  • news editors
  • producers
  • page designers
  • television news
  • weather and sports anchors
  • disc jockeys
  • managers
  • music directors
  • advertising sales associates
  • video editors
  • sports reporters
  • talk show hosts

Awards & Achievements

Students working for Rocky Mountain Student Media have earned more than 500 regional and national awards since 1990.


(TSF) Becoming Kaz Smith – selected in South Dakota Film Festival and My Hero International Film Festival



Jake Sherlock

  • Student media adviser
  • Adjunct instructor


Lory Student Center, Room 118