Research, Outreach, & Creative Scholarship

Colorado State University’s Department of Journalism and Media Communication is a hub of teacher-scholars who conduct research and creative scholarship related to communication and media.

Faculty Research & Creative Scholarship

Our faculty members offer a broad scope of research and professional expertise studying the use and impact of media on individuals, communities, and society. They often investigate communication influences and effectiveness in science, health, environment, technology, public relations, advertising, and journalism.

Breadth of Research

Because communication and media are prevalent in all human interaction, our research focus extends across societal, political, and cultural spectrums. Undergraduate and graduate students are encouraged to engage in research and creative scholarship opportunities, working closely with professionals to understand emerging trends and develop industry expertise.

The department also engages in community outreach initiatives, including a colloquia series and Journalism Day.

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Research Centers

Center for Science Communication

The CSC’s mission is to foster better communication outcomes in pursuit of socially sustainable agricultural, environmental, and health systems.
Through research, teaching, mentoring, training, and outreach, we help stakeholders communicate effectively about science and provide expert solutions to science communication problems.

Awards & Honors

Faculty Awards

Our faculty are recognized internally and externally for their excellence in research and teaching.

  • 2022 Best Teacher Award to Christina Minihan
  • BEA 2021 Faculty Documentary - Best of Competition Short-Form Documentary “Tuning out the Pandemic”
  • 2021 Excellence in Teaching Award, Steve Weiss and Susan Clotfelter
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J Day booths and students
Truth Matters flyers


Journalism Day

Every year, the department hosts Journalism Day (J-Day) where roughly 900 students and advisors from Colorado high schools and middle schools come to CSU to learn about journalism and media. The conference is in partnership with the Colorado Student Media Association.

Graduate Program Colloquia Series

Every year, our graduate program hosts a series of speakers featuring cutting-edge research and practice from scholars in the field of media communication. Speakers have included:

  • Dr. Tori Arthur’s “We Bring Home the Roots”: Digital Culture Bearing and Black Influencers’ African Diaspora Internationalism in Instagram Travel Accounts
  • Assistant Professor Jaime Jacobsen’s “Approaching Communities: Cultural Considerations for Research and Scholarship”
  • Dr. Madeline Schomberg’s “Narrative Strategy Use on Twitter: Do Few Word Do Trick”