Graduate Teaching Assistant


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  • Role:

    Graduate Student
  • Position:

    • Graduate Teaching Assistant
  • Concentration:

    • Strategic communication
    • Media Psychology
    • User experience
    • Social media
    • Marketing Research
  • Department:

    • Journalism & Media Communication
  • Education:

    • Master of Science in Public Communication and Technology
    • Master of Arts in Mass Communication and Journalism
    • Bachelor of Tourism Administration


I am passionate about connecting people and ideas, I bring a unique skill set to any project. With a background in both quantitative research and creative design, I excel at creating impactful and effective communication materials. My goal is to use my skills to bridge the gap between complex information and the public, creating a more informed and connected world. My passion for research and finding elegant solutions to complex communication problems has made me commit to furthering my education by pursuing a Ph.D. in the field.

I am a highly skilled and knowledgeable professional in the field of enhancing companies’ image and user experience. With a Master of Science in Public Communication and Technology from Colorado State University and a Master of Arts in Mass Communication and Journalism from Tumakuru University, I bring a wealth of theoretical and methodological approaches to the table. My passion for understanding and improving human experience, combined with my strong research and analytical skills, has allowed me to conduct independent research projects and effectively analyze data, presenting findings in both written and oral formats. My experience as a Teaching Assistant at CSU, where I prepared and delivered lectures on social media management and advertising and evaluated students' work, demonstrates my ability to impart my knowledge to others.

My expertise in the field is further demonstrated through my experience as a Google Ads Specialist at Rocky Mountain Student Media Corporation, where I conducted research, outlined strategies, and created successful ad campaigns, and as a Marketing Research Intern, where I designed marketing campaigns, conducted research, and gathered critical metrics for the team. I am a proven self-starter, as evidenced by my work as a Public Relations Executive at PR Hub, where I maintained media relations, analyzed media coverage, and wrote and produced media copies for implementing creative public relation strategies.

I have also obtained certifications in Human Research from CITI Program, Social Media Marketing: Strategy and Optimization from LinkedIn, Content Writing from Udemy, and Google Ads Search from Google.