Teaching areas at Colorado State University include television production, digital photography, new media technologies, documentary history & production, and telecommunication. Dr. Seels professional background includes positions in photojournalism, television production, and instructional design, including working as a television producer-director for ten years in California. He earned his Ph.D. in Telecommunication at Indiana University in 1995. His book titled Digital Universe about the evolution of digital telecommunication was published by Wiley-Blackwell in February 2012. He is presently conducting research on the topic of digital immortality (the concept that digital content posted online will long survive the author) for publication in a new book in 2015.

Dr. Seel is a writer-producer for Stone and Steel at the Top of the World (2012), a television documentary on the history of Colorados Rollins Pass from its use as an ancient Native American hunting ground to the site of the worlds highest railroad line from 1904-1928. Produced in partnership with Dr. Jason La Belle of the Department of Anthropology at Colorado State University and funded by the James and Audrey Benedict Mountain Research Fund.


Select Publications:

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  • JTC 335 — Digital Photography


    An introduction to digital photography technique and common genres with extensive practice assignments.

  • JTC 430 — Advanced Documentary Photography


    An advanced documentary photo course with three large assignments during the course of the term.