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    Graduate Student
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    • Graduate Teaching Assistant
  • Concentration:

    • Science Communication
    • Environmental Communication
    • Social Media
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    • Journalism & Media Communication
  • Education:

    • Bachelors of Arts, Journalism
    • Master of Science in Journalism and Media Communication


Throughout the past four years, Randall has served various media roles in and around Fort Collins - being a science communicator for Colorado State University's Marketing and Communication Department (MarComm), Office of Vice President for Research (OVPR), and Center for Science Communication (CSC). Much of these roles have consisted broadly of a written focus, with several instances of podcast production, videography, and graphic design. Recently, Randall has held a heavy focus on Facebook and X media, creating captivating graphics and X Threads, on top of written stories for CSU's MarComm Department.

Randall is poised to continue at CSU and beyond. After publishing an undergraduate honors thesis (The Nuisance of News: Why All News Seems Bad) that studied the intersection of psychology and the subjectivity of news, he’s thrilled to continue researching practical applications of the intersection of media, science communication, and food communication for future research. Currently, his thesis focus is on food marketing and food communication, and how that affects our perception of decision-making, mood, and our overall reality.

Outside of academia, Randall competes with CSU's Cross-Country and Track & Field Teams, earning a walk-on spot in the Summer of 2023 after a successful spring of triathlon/long-distance road racing. Winner of the 2023 Colorado Marathon, 2nd Overall at the Lake 2 Lake Triathlon 2023, a 2022 Worlds 70.3 Ironman qualifier, as well as a top 20 collegiate triathlete in the nation, Randall is extremely passionate about pushing the limits of the human mind and body through multisport.